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Give/Redeem a Gift


Gift certificates for the Durango Tool Library can be used towards membership subscriptions, workshops, and merchandise.

Giving a gift certificate

You can purchase gift certificates for the amount of a membership subscription or for a custom amount. The gift certificates can be digital or physical.

  • Physical gift card: To purchase a physical card, please come to the tool library in-person. You can pick and pay in person, and we'll provide you with a card to gift.

  • Digital gift card: To purchase a digital gift card, please follow the Purchase link below. To keep the gift a secret, enter your email as the recipient as well as the gifter. You will receive the email with the gift certificate code, and you can print or forward the gift when the time is right.

Redeeming a gift certificate

If you received a physical gift card, please come to the tool library in person.

If you received a digital gift card, either come to the tool library in person, or:

  • Log in to your myTurn account. If you are not a member yet, you will need to create an account.

  • Go to My Account > Redeem Gift Certificate. Enter the gift certificate code. Select redeem to apply the code to your account. You can then use the gift card amount towards a purchase.

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