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Return Tools


When you borrow tools from the Durango Tool Library, you must return them within 1 week, so they are available for other members to borrow.


1. Check in tools at the library.

Bring the tools back to the library to check them in. You have to bring the tools back by end of business on their due date, within 1 week after they were checked out.

2. Collect points or pay late fees.

If you bring the tools back within 1 week, you will earn points for prizes. If you bring the tools back late, you will be charged late fees.

Points for Early & On-Time Returns

You will earn 1 point for each tool returned early or on-time. Accrue points and redeem them for awesome prizes. Come to the library to see our current set of prizes.

Fees for Late Returns

Tools need to be returned on-time so that they are available for other library members to use. If tools are not returned on-time, you will be charged late fees: $3 a day per tool, up to the cost of each tool plus a $10 administrative fee.


"Follow the rules, or follow the fools." - Tupac Shakur

When returning tools to the DTL, you are expected to:

  • Clean the tools before returning them.

  • Return the tools in good condition.

  • Return the tools within 1 week.

See: FAQ for Tool Loans

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