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About Us


The Durango Tool Library (DTL) provides access to tools and supporting resources through a sustainable, low barrier service.

DTL is a membership-based, tool-lending library in Durango, Colorado. We curate and maintain a collection of tools for members to borrow, with careful consideration of the tools that are most popular and most requested.

By offering a shared collection of tools and supporting resources, we aim to support Southwest Coloradans as they undertake projects to create, maintain, and repair.

DTL is a Public Benefit Corporation (PBC). As a PBC, we are committed to ensuring our corporation benefits our community and operates responsibly, sustainably. We have a triple bottom line, balancing the interests of our shareholders, our community, and the environment.



Maximize the use and usefulness of tools by sharing them with others.

Reduce the carbon footprint of tools that are unused and wasted.

Create, maintain, and repair all the things.


Share tools with your extended neighborhood.

Contribute to a collection of tools developed for our community.

Support a service made for locals, by locals.


Access a wide variety of tools more affordably.

Find resources to learn how to use the tools safely, confidently.

Participate in a community project where all are welcome.

In The News

February 2022, Durango Local News:

The Right Tool for the Job.


DTL Librarians & Shop Dog

A photo of the Durango Tool Library's founders, Tenny and Kathleen, in the tool library. Shop dog Rango lurks in the background.

DTL was founded by Tenny Webster (MLIS) and Kathleen Gollner (MLIS), two librarians who settled in Durango in 2017. Long-time creators, repairers, and organizers, they founded the library to help others access the tools needed for DIY projects.

Rango is the DTL shop dog and brand ambassador.

Photo credit: Jennaye Derge, The Durango Telegraph. 

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