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  • Repair Café
    Repair Café
    Sun, Apr 21
    Durango Tool Library
    Apr 21, 2024, 10:00 AM – 2:00 PM
    Durango Tool Library, 278 Sawyer Dr Unit 4A, Durango, CO 81303, USA
    Apr 21, 2024, 10:00 AM – 2:00 PM
    Durango Tool Library, 278 Sawyer Dr Unit 4A, Durango, CO 81303, USA
    Don't despair, repair! Bring your wobbly chairs, torn shirts, shattered phone screens, malfunctioning bicycles, and toasters on-the-blink to the Repair Café. A crew of volunteers will be on-hand to help you diagnose and fix your things.

Workshops and clinics we've hosted in the past at the Durango Tool Library.

Basics of Ski & Snowboard Waxing/Edge Tuning Workshop for Downhill/A.T.

Waxing your skis or snowboard protects your boards and makes you glide more efficiently on the snow. Maintaining sharp edges will give you greater control whether you slay the pow, crud, or corn. Bring your boards to this workshop. You will learn how to wax and tune your edges and apply what you've learned to your own boards.

Bike Repair & Maintenance Series: Adjusting the Rear Derailleur

There are two inevitabilities in life: death and derailleur adjustments. In this clinic we will be diving into the latter. Unlock the mystery and magic of the rear derailleur. We'll demonstrate how to adjust it for perfect shifting by setting limit screws and indexing. We will also talk about other factors for poor shifting like dirt, grime, and bent derailleur hanger.

Bike Repair & Maintenance Series: Basics of Bicycle Wheel Truing Workshop

Ever wonder how spokes work to hold a wheel together? We are going to cover the basics in repairing this magnificent invention. Have a wobbly wheel? Bring it and wheel try to get it back in true and round. No tools or prior experience required.

Bike Repair & Maintenance Series: Adding Sealant To Your Tubeless MTB Tires

Do you have tubeless mountain bike tires and want to learn how to add or replace your sealant?? For this clinic we'll be demonstrating the basics of adding sealant to your tire, how to replace all the old sealant with fresh sealant, and how to 'seat' your tire! We'll talk about how often to add or replace sealant and how much! It's not so hard!!

Bike Repair & Maintenance Series: Setting Up Your MTB Suspension

Do you have a mountain bike with full suspension (or a hardtail with front fork suspension) and want to learn how to adjust it?? Bring your bike, because in this workshop, we'll be learning the basics of how to set 'sag', 'rebound', and  'compression' for your rear and/or front shocks! And of course, to do this we will learn how to use a shock pump to add air pressure to your shocks.

Bike Repair & Maintenance Series: Intro to Bike Commuting Clinic

Get the knowledge and confidence to ride your bike to work and around town! This beginner level clinic is for anyone commuting by bike who wants to learn basic bike maintenance and road-savvy tips to make navigating town safe and enjoyable! How to clean and lube the drivetrain of a commuter bike, repair common flats–for tube tires–using a patch kit, and adjust a bike seat for a good fit are topics we'll cover.

Bike Repair & Maintenance Series: Basic Bicycle Maintenance I Clinic

In this beginner level clinic, we will demonstrate how to clean and lube the drivetrain of a bike, how to remove the front and rear wheels, and how to repair common flats trailside–for tube and tubeless tires. This demonstration will use a mountain bike, but will be relevant to most types of bikes.

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